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Rev. 2008 May 12

Appalachian Tectonic Study Group
The Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group (ATSG) is a field-based
forum providing earth scientists with an opportunity to share and learn
about tectonic interpretations of the North American Appalachian
Mountains. Attendance is open and rewarding. 

ATSG participants meet annually for a two-day field trip in the late
Spring. Field trips are hosted by volunteers currently reseaching or
having recently completed tectonic studies in the Appalachians. We
visit outcrops of geological interest that serve as a basis for tectonic
intepretations. Host sites for future years are determined by open
discussion of emerging topics.

This web site describes the group activities over the past two decades
and provides a forum for facilitating new activities. Click on the links
to see a map summary of where we've been and enjoy a few pictures
of past events.

'The List' button links to a list service that provides registration, email
list services, and tracking of active particpants. If you have problems
accessing the list or general questions about the ATSG, please contact with your request.