2005 Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group Field Trip

Foreland fold-thrust belt and Blue Ridge Foothills of East Tennessee

Bob Hatcher, University of Tennessee

The 2005 Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group annual field trip was held May 21-22. The trip was run by Bob Hatcher in the foreland fold-thrust belt and Blue Ridge Foothills of East Tennessee. The first day began on the remarkably deformed rocks in the edge of the Plateau near Rockwood, Tennessee. We visited several exposures of major faults and the Pine Mountain block (see J. Rich, 1934, AAPG Bull; S. Mitra, January, 1988 GSA Bull), and exposures of the Saltville fault (see House and Gray 1982, JSG, no. 3) in Knoxville. The second (half) day was around and in the Tuckaleechee Cove window to look at exposures of the Great Smoky fault and to contrast deformational styles between the thrust sheet and rocks inside the window (see King, 1963 USGS Prof. Paper 349-C; Neuman and Nelson, 1965, USGS Prof. Paper 349-D).

2005 Appalachian Tectonics Study Group

Robert D. Hatcher, Jr.
Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
306 Earth and Planetary Sciences Building
University of Tennessee
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