Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group Field Trip Locations

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Map of Generalized Appalachian Geology

Year - Host(s); Theme and Location

2009 - Chuck Bailey; Structural Geology of the Blue Ridge province, Shenandoah National Park, Virginia
2008 - Frank Pazzaglia; Active Tectonics, Erosion, and Appalachian Landscape Evolution
2007 - Dave Valentino, Alec Gates, and Jeff Chiarenzelli; Alleghanian transpression in the mid-Atlantic Piedmont with special emphasis on the Peach Bottom slate by dynamic retrograde metamorphism
2006 - Don Wise and Bob Ganis, Pennsylvania Piedmont east of the Susquehanna River
2005 - Bob Hatcher; Foreland fold-thrust belt and Blue Ridge foothills of East Tennessee
2004 - Bill Dunne and Charlie Onasch; Valley and Ridge Province of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia
2003 - Patty Campbell, Tom Anderson, and David Brezinski; Stratigraphy and structure of Cambrian cover rocks in limbs of the northeast Blue Ridge Mts., Ma., Va., and W. Va.
2002 - Richard Nickelsen; Sequential Alleghanian Deformation in the Valley and Ridge of south central Pennsylvania
2001 - Rick Groshong and Dennis Harry; Fold-thrust structures in northeastern Alabama and northwestern Georgia
2000 - Roy Schlische, Martha Withjack, and Gregory Herman; Structures in the central Newark basin, Pennsylvania and New Jersey
1999 - Lucian Platt; Fredericksburg and Reading Pennsylvania, Taconic Slates and strike-slip faulting in the Gettysburg basin
1998 - Steve Wojtal; Mesostructures of the Cumberland Plateau, Copper Creek and Saltville Thrusts, Tennessee
1997 - Terry Engelder; Jointing and mesostructures of the Appalachian Plateau, Watkins Glen to Binghampton, New York
1996 - Kevin Smart, Bill Dunne, Charlie Onasch, and Mark Evans; West Virginia Plateau between Elkins and Seneca Rocks
1995 - Steve Marshak; Overlapping orogens in the New York Recess, Hudson Valley fold-thrust belt, New York
1994 - Bill Dunne and Steve Wojtal; Roof structures above a blind thrust system, western Maryland Valley and Ridge
1993 - Jerry Bartholomew; Fold-thrust belt in Virginia (St.Clair, Narrows, Saltville, Pulaski thrust faults)
1992 - Greg Herman and Don Monteverde; Fold-thrust belt in New Jersey, Great (Kittatinny) Valley and Southwest Highlands
1991 - Mary Beth Gray; Progressive deformation of the Anthracite Belt and adjacent Valley and Ridge, Pennsylvania
1990 - Charlie Onasch and Mark Evans; Massanutten Syncline and North Mountain thrust sheet, Great Valley of Virginia
1989 - Mark Fischer and Nick Woodward; Rocky Valley anticline, NE of Knoxville,Tennessee
1988 - Bill Dunne; Valley & Ridge between Petersburg and Franklin,West Virginia (Seneca Rocks to Smoke Holes)
1987 - Rick Groshong; Transect across Appalachians in Alabama, from the plateau to the middle of the thrust belt
1986 - Dave Wiltschko; Pine Mountain thrust sheet in Tennessee and Virginia
1985 - Pete Geiser; Disjunctive Alleghanian Cleavage, Happy Valley, Pennsylvania to Hancock, Maryland