2003 Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group Field Trip

Stratigraphy and structure of Cambrian cover rocks in the western limb of the Blue Ridge, Ma., Va., and W. Va.

Patti Campbell, Slippery Rock Univesity,
Tom Anderson, University of Pittsburgh, and
David Brezinski, Maryland Geological Survey

The 2003 ATSG Field Trip was held on May 24 and 25, 2003. We examined the stratigraphy and structures of the Cambrian cover rocks exposed in the western and eastern limbs of the northeast Blue Ridge in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia. We saw evidence of a regionally extensive ductile detachment developed near the base of the Cambrian carbonate section and reviewed evidence of multiple episodes of deformation in the western Blue Ridge and eastern Great Valley.

2003 ATSG Pics