2008 Appalachian Tectonic Studies Group Field Trip

Active Tectonics, Erosion, and Appalachian Landscape Evolution of the lower Susquehanna River basin

Frank J. Pazzaglia, Lehigh University

The 2008 ATSG field trip was held in the lower Susquehanna River basin from North East, MD to Harrisburg, PA on May 10 and 11 , 2008. We covered familiar ATSG territory, but with a major thematic twist. We visited the lower Susquehanna River basin and learned of Cenozoic rock uplift, river incision, active tectonics, and the geodynamics of the 'passive margin'. The story is mature with roots dating back to early in the century but has several more recent publications. New data continue to reshape our thinking. Among the more intriguing possibilities that we discussed are the geodynamic implications of far-field strains (if any) stemming from the Chesapeake Bay impact structure.

ATSG 2008 proof sheet

A website containing other information regarding this trip can be found by clicking here.

Thanks for attending and I look forward to seeing you on future ATSG trips.

Frank J. Pazzaglia
Lehigh University

GSA Field Guide

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Rev. 2008 May 15