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Impact Tectonics Google Earth 01/10/15 REVISED
Geophysical Earth in Geographic Space  with Google Earth KMZ file 11/07/2007
North American Plate, Mid-Atlantic inversion and the Chesapeake Invader    10/31/2007
Excel Worksheet with Magnetic Polarity Timescale and Impact Crater Diameter (92/22/2008
Index image for PDF filesNeotectonics of the North and Central America and West Central Atlantic Regions  11/07/2007
Earth Continental Geology by Era and Grayshade Sea-Floor Physiography    03/30/2014  UPDATED
Plate-splitting impact in the Congo Basin; bedrock geology, plate motions, and diamonds. 04/20/2007
3D Geometry of Overlapped, Far-Field Impact Strains  AutoCAD R12 Solid-object model of an oblique impact on Earth (3/05/2008
Far-field bolide-impact strains on Earth 1
3D Geometry of an Oblique Impact AutoCAD R12 Solid-object model of an oblique impact on Earth (515KB)

Moon southern hemisphere image_CAD files  in 3D
*  Google Moon (Google.com)  ___________________________using
*  Clementine Moon Maps (Arizona State University )
*  LPOD lunar photo of the day (http://lpod.wikispaces.com/)
*  Clementine Moon Navigator (NASA JPL Planetary Image Atlas)

Mars photos, images and maps, Links
*  Google Mars (Google.com) *  Exploration Missions (NASA)
Oblique Impact Complex Including Syria Planum and Sinai Planum  10/30/2007
Mars  Hypsography and structure animated 03/24/2007
Google Mars version 1.2 01/07/2009

Mercury hemisphere composite image
* Mercury Facts & Pictures (www.planetery.org)
* Faults in the Caloris basin (Johns Hopkins University & NASA)
* Mercury Thrust Scarps and Impacts (Lunar & Planetary Institute)
* Messenger MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging (NASA)

Jupiter Links * Venus Links

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Rev. March, 2014
Photo: Solarized Venus and the Sun from behind the Moon