G.C. Herman, PhD gcherman56@yahoo.com
Flemington, NJ, USA  November 12, 2021
Welcome to a site organized to help study tectonic effects from hypervelocity bolide impacts on terrestrial planets. Upon realizing that current horizontal motion of tectonic plates in the Central and North American region is circumferential to the Chicxulub crater (~66 Ma), I began investigating planetary tectonic processes stemming from large-bolide impacts.     Earth-Mars astroblemes
Past studies of impact tectonics have focused on impact cratering and tectonic strains near the crater.  Little is known about far-field body strains sustained by the host from the shock of impact or any related long-lasting, geodynamic processes and inherited tectonic structures. This site is being developed to help organize the existing knowledge base and delve into uncharted realms of impact tectonics. Many original illustrations and maps included in this site are noted using the impacttectonics.org icon IT icon .
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