Excel to KML Geologic Symbols (symbol key at bottom)
Convert data from an Excel spreadsheet to geological symbols and circles in KML format.

Cut & Paste variable input from a formatted MS Excel Worskheet into the following windows,  using the variables noted above the window.

Download example input here:  Example file

The symbol (*.dae) files that this tool uses must reside within the directory that you load the resulting *.KML file into Google Earth from, or by using on-line symbols using the http://www.impacttectonics.org/GEsymbols/ prefix for each symbol. The full set of symbols in a *.zip file with explanations and related topics are available at http://www.impacttectonics.org/GEO-310/GCH_GEsymbols/GCH_GE_Geology_Apps.htm.

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Anno Spacing: Bed and layer dip line (~1.5 m):    Joint, arrow, slip-line (~ 8.0 m) or 5-m 3D circle:

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