The following files are for generating 2D structural geologic symbols and 3D planes and borehole traces in Google Earth.

The Notes PDF file explains the methods and illustrates results for the different MS Excel an KMZ files.

Unzip the symbols file into a folder that you dowload all files to. The KMLs that you write must be in the same directory as the symbols (*.dae) files in order for the scripts to work.

 GCH_GE_Notes_2012.pdf   (8.24 MB)

DAE_Symbols.zip (23 KB)

Four_structures.txt (4 KB)

N_A-A'.txt (1 KB)

NJ_Bedrock_cross_section_A.kmz (253 KB)

Geologic_symbols_and_circles_50_Flemington.xls (1.62 MB)

Geologic_symbols_and_circles_50_ Flemington.kmz (157 KB)

Stonybrook Millstone Research Wellfield OPTV data_2012.xls

Stonybrook Millstone Research Wellfield OPTV data_2012.kmz (2.26 MB)

GC Herman 04-2012