Spring 2021 RVCC Introduction to Geology  (GEOL-157)  02/27/2021
Dr. Gregory C. Herman  (gregory.herman@raritanval.edu)

Syllabus *   Laboratory manual ( 10.1 MB)  *  Grades  *   Geological Society of America Time scale

Open-educational textbook resource (OER) by Salt Lake Community College (accessed 5/4/2019VCC GEOL-157). 
Optional textbook:   Monroe, Wicander, and Hazlett (2007) Physical Geology; Exploring the Earth, 6th edition

Monday and Wednesday 8:00 - 9:20 am F2F lectures in The Conference Center, Grand Conference Room (B-C)
(Attendance is advised for those having LAB after lecture)

Monday or Wednesday 9:30 - 11:20 am F2F Labs in Science Building SC-219 m  (mandatory attendance)

Group Student Name Group Student Name Group Student Name
M1 Chadha, Aakash  M2 Diorio, Payton W Bellaran, Aubrey
M1 Chavez, Edinson  M2 Malgapo, Lauren W Bolstad, Sonja
M1 Ciufo, Matthew  M2 Orozco, Kimberly W Craig, John
M1 Daniels, Mark  M2 Porter, Joshua W Pagliaro, Robert
M1 Day, Marcus  M2 Shallop, Madeline W Pfingst, Nathan
M1 Francis, Ourian  M2 Sinchi, Eric W Reilly, Samuel
M1 Jimenez, Nicole M2 Tunison, Kenneth W Rogers, Andrew
M1 Looi, Carmen   M2 Urbanowicz, Patrick W Saeed, Sameena
    M2 Retino, Logan W Tidona, Matthew

1/20 W 1 , 8 L1 Introduction & Cosmology LAB 1 Time-Life-Man.jpg  At-home, one-page essay.
1/25 M 3 L2 Element and Minerals    Virtual Mineral Exercise  Virtual Minerals A-Z
1/27 W - L3 Earths structure and magnetism NO LAB   2020 GCH Earth.skp
2/1 M 4 L4 Igneous Rocks * Volcanic rocks NO LAB
2/3 W 2 L5 Plate Tectonics W LAB2 Spectroscopy
2/8 M L6 Geography, geology, and Google Earth M1 LAB2 Minerals and igneous rocks
2/10 W - CANVAS EXAM 1   Topics NO LAB
2/15 M 5, 10 L7 Weathering & erosion M2 LAB 2
2/17 W 5 L8 Sediment and sedimentary rocks W LAB 3 NJ Physiographic Image
2/22 M 6 L9 Metamorphic rocks and processes M2 LAB 3 2020 GCH Peruvian Nasca Lines.kmz
2/24 W 9 L10 Earthquakes and seismic waves NO LAB
3/1 M 14 L11 Geologic time concepts and principles M1 LAB 3 Google Earth 1 In-lab tutorial-lab tutorial
3/3 W    CANVAS EXAM 2  Topics NO LAB
3/8 -3/10     SPRING BREAK
3/15 M 15 L12 Glaciers, climate cycles and change M1 LAB 4  Sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
3/17 W 15 L13 Oceans and seafloors W LAB 4 Metamorphic Rocks key points
3/22 M 12 L14 Shores and beaches M2 LAB 4
3/24 W 9 L15 Continental structures W LAB 5 Primary and secondary structures
3/29 M L16 Eastern USA geology M1 LAB 5 Virtual Appalachian Rock Structures PDF
3/31 W - CANVAS EXAM 3 Topics Google Earth At-home assignment PDF KMZ files
4/5 M - Google Earth instructional M2 LAB 5
4/7 W - W RVCC Geology Hike 1 RVCC GE Geology KMZ
4/12 M - M RVCC Geology Hike 2 RVCC GE Geology PDF document
4/14 W 11 L17 Surface Water LAB 6 Switch Movie stream at home
4/19 M 11 L18 Ground Water LAB 7 Groundwater pollution and hydrogeology
4/21 W 13 L19 Deserts  KMZ file LAB 8 Desert Winds and Fukushima KMZs
4/26 M - L20 Impact Tectonics  MS PowerPoint Show  Optional Make-up Lab


F2F attendance for lectures, labs and field trip
Remote on-line Canvas exam or GE exercise 
No class or lab

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