Spring 2020 RVCC ENVI-201 Applications in Environmental Sciences
Mondays Room SC219; 1:00 - 2:50 pm
Drs. Jay Kelly (Jay.Kelly@raritanval.edu) and Gregory C. Herman  (gregory.herman@raritanval.edu)    March 19, 2020
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Kelly and Herman

Introduction and Geospatial analyses 1
Bits & Bytes, Geographic Information Science (GIS) computer basics,   



Geospatial analyses 2 Working with GIS and geospatial data;
Reconstructing Historical Forests Using Witness Tree Records


Geospatial analyses 3 - Reconstructing Historical Forests Using Witness Tree Records.
Land Use/Land Cover analsyis of RVCC stream-monitoring network.


Kelly Geospatial analyses 4 - Image analysis
Spatial Dimensions of Recreational Beach Use

2/24 Kelly Environmental communication 1 - Making Trail Maps in ArcMAP
3/2 Stander Geospatial analyses 5 - GIS and Water Quality
3/9 to 3/16     Extended Spring break


Environmental applications 1 - RVCC Google Earth Geology with two exercises.
Download and open this file for instructions: MSPP L2_ENVI_APPS1.ppt (10 MB)

Part 1. RVCC GE Geology (1.5 MB) Includes LiDAR Hillshaded imagery .
Part 2. Review and 2-part exercise using Micrsoft PowerPoint (MSPP) and Google Earth (GE) to generate feature files and land-surface profile traces. A reference article providing a worked example for Part 2: Teacher's workshop (8.0 MB)



Environmental applications 2 - RVCC Digital Elevation Models using QQIS (One exercise).
Use QGIS software to manage and process Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
into hill-shaded LiDAR imagery.  Download and open these files and save them
into a new project folder:
1) RVCC_ENVI-201_GCH_L3_ENVI_APPS2.pdf (3.4 MB) - Instructions
) 2020_RVCC_DEM_files.zip (149 MB) - QGIS project files



Environmental applications 3 -RVCC Campus characterization 3
Introduction to 3D solid-object CAD modelling using
the free version of SketchUP software.  A two-part exercise making a 3D building and sphere on campus. Download instructions: RVCC_ENVI-201_GCH_L4_ENVI_APPS3.pdf

4/13 Kelly Environmental applications 4 - Using airborne drones for site mapping and modelling
4/20 Kelly Environmental communication 3 - Project posters due in draft form.
4/27 Kelly Environmental communication 4 - Science posters session
5/6 Kelly and Herman Semester review and campus hike