Spring 2020 RVCC ENVI-201 Applications in Environmental Sciences
Mondays Room SC219; 1:00 - 2:50 pm
Drs. Jay Kelly (Jay.Kelly@raritanval.edu) and Gregory C. Herman  (gregory.herman@raritanval.edu)                                     December 07, 2019
Date  Professors Content  


Kelly and Herman

Introduction and Geospatial analyses 1
Bits & Bytes, Geographic Information Science (GIS) computer basics,   
RVCC Campus Google Earth Virtual Geologic tour and spatial elements.



Geospatial analyses 2 Working with GIS and geospatial data;
D&R Greenway trail map homework Assignment


Geospatial analyses 3 - Working with GIS and tabular data
Land Use/Land Cover analsyis of RVCC stream-monitoring network


Kelly Geospatial analyses 4 - Image analysis
Global patterns of beach use by humans

2/24 Kelly Environmental communication 1 - Pollinator display gardens
3/2 Kelly Environmental communication 2 - Augmented reality sandbox
3/9 - Spring break
3/16 Herman Environmental applications 1 - MS Powerpoint and Google Earth methods and drafting exercise;
Generating land-surface profiles for scientific reports.
3/23 Herman

Environmental applications 2 - RVCC Campus characterization 1
Google Earth Vector, Raster, and Object Models

3/30 Herman

Environmental applications 3 - RVCC Campus characterization 2
a) Acquire open-access, 2015 LiDAR data covering the RVCC region
b) Use QGIS software to manage and process Digital Elevation Models (DEMs)
into hill-shaded LiDAR imagery

4/6 Herman

Environmental applications 4 -RVCC Campus characterization 3
SketchUp Pro Introduction to 3D solid-object and volumetric modelling.
Pick a campus feature and build a simple 3D model of it.

4/13 Kelly Environmental applications 5 - Using airborne drones for site mapping and modelling
4/20 Kelly Environmental communication 3 - Project posters due in draft form.
4/27 Kelly Environmental communication 4 - Science posters session
5/6 Kelly and Herman Semester review and campus hike